Craig Dongoski (USA)

Craig Dongoski

I am an artist working out of Atlanta, Georgia. I have a deep interest in Sound Poetry history as well as practice. My context within Sound Poetry is practiced by way of experimenting with the sounds made from drawing as an artifact to direct the production of drawings [see Drawing Voices]. Ultimately, my exploration is invested in the grey area between drawing and writing.

I work in multimedia technology with a primary interest in connecting to the conventional practice of drawing. My work derives from nvestigations into a grey area between drawing and writing. The physical action of both practices has been a source of compelling curiosity for me. The relationship of the spoken and written word has led me to explore the connection between the drawn mark and the sound produced while
inscribing. These explorations have manifested into two main projects entitled Drawing Voices (drawing] and Homophonic Translation [writing].

Participating collaborators have included artists outside of the Art Studio discipline e.g. Creative Writing, Dance, Media Studies, Sound/Music and Theatre. My methods have been acknowledged by being nominated twice for a Ford/Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in New Media. I also have a commercially released CD on Hydra Head Records, titled ‘Drawing Voices’.


Paivascapes #1; Binaural Media and Nodar Residency Center; • Nodar,
Artist-in-Residence, NY Arts Beijing•Beijing, China.
Exhibition accompanied the residency.
Faculty, Santa Reparata International School of Art • Florence, Italy.
GSU Study Abroad program. Taught Experimental Works on Paper.
Artist Residency and Exhibition, selected as artist to represent Atlanta through A-I- R-I (Artist in Residency International), Oder 24 Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Altered States Conference, hosted by Roy Ascott, Plymouth University •
Plymouth, England. Delivered paper.
Sound Spaces Atmospheres, workshop with Carsten Nicolai, et al. Domus Academy
Venice, Italy. Chosen to participate.
Visiting Artist/Lecturer, American University in Sharjah United Arab Emirates