Corsin VOGEL (CH)

Corsin VOGEL
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SIP – SoundLAB Interview

Born in Basel (Switzerland) in 1972, Corsin Vogel is a sound composer. Very soon influenced by different musical currents, from rock to minimalist music, but also in contemporary art and architecture, he studied guitar and singing, and took an active interest in musical timbre and sound material. He then started to use electronical and audionumerical effects in his music (with the rock band semes). He studied Physics in Strasbourg, Marseilles and Toulouse, before pursuing a PhD. in Musical Acoustics at Universit̩ Pierre & Marie Curie РParis 6, on the subject of the perception of urban sound ambiences. In the same time, he followed a musical training at the Conservatoire National de R̩gion, Aubervilliers РLa Courneuve (F).

His artistic statement is constantly enriched by materials taken from literature, musical and visual artworks from Luc Ferrari, Alberto Giacometti, Steve Reich, James Joyce, Kat Onoma, Robert Lax, Radiohead, Nicolas de Staël, Tom Waits, Mark Rothko, The Rolling Stones…

His work focuses on the question of the meaning that is revealed or suggested by sounds, and more particularly on the perceptive limit between the natural sound object (for instance the spoken voice) and the unheard musical object (the same spoken voice, distorted until it becomes a new instrumental sound). Some of his works are composed from a single sound element, recorded within a specific context from which ensues the meaning of the piece (Wylerhafen, Borgonovo via Paris, Close Encounter of the Third Click…).