Constant Dullaart (Netherlands)

netart by Constant Dullaart (Netherlands)

_Constant Dullaart

participant in
“Celebrate!” – 10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

short bio
_ Constant Dullaart (the Netherlands, 1979) has just finished his residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, with a practice focusing on contemporary image language at it’s dirtiest. Trained as a video artist, his work has recently focussed on the Internet and re-contextualizing found material. His works are widely discussed online. Brian Droitcour writes for Art in America magazine:
“Dullaart’s readymades, however, demonstrate his interest in what might be called ‘default’ style – the bland tables of sans serif text and soulless stock photography that frame ads for some of the most common search terms (auto insurance, cheap airline tickets, pornography), baring the underbelly of the Internet’s popular use. But Dullaart’s readymades are more than a formalist exploration of the Internet at its most banal. They are also a study in the relationship of the index to its referent, an issue that Rosalind Krauss connected to the readymade in her 1976 essay ‘Notes on the Index, Part 1.’ Krauss defines indices as ‘the traces of a particular cause, and that cause is the thing to which they refer, the object they signify.’ …. Dullaart is a persistent investigator of new modes of constructing and relating meaning brought about by the Internet.”
Dullaart lives / works in Berlin and Amsterdam.