Coco Gordon (USA)

Coco Gordon
aka Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman

Coco Gordon, born in Genova, lives and works from her NYC loft and her home in the red rocks of Lyons, Colorado.
An Intermedia artist/ poet/ performer/ papermaker/ publisher of W Space artist book editions, she is also known as SuperSkyWoman. With her aggregating group TIKYSK (things I know you should know) she is teaching Permaculture DBOM in the territory (design, build, operate and maintain) of our living systems, beneficial connections without waste), with nature as model. Till 2010 she is concentrating on practicing and teaching Permaculture as her land art, in private and public venues, including using her three month residency in Venezia, Italy given by the Emily Harvey Foundation in 2008 for this purpose. She and her TIKYSK collaborators ‘Permed’ hundreds of people at the Venice Biennale at the invitation of Oreste, September, 1999. TIKYSK and Congelo (Coco’s ongoing collaboration with Angelo Ricciardi) presented a performance/organic dinner for 80 persons in Montescaglioso Sept 8, 2000 titled ‘Patented.’
She has published 46 books in editions. Her books Radical Food, Hip Hop Solarplexus, SuperSkyWoman and TIKYSK:Permaculture Getting to Know You trace her progression into a super heroine with an ‘action plan’.
In 2003 she published Visioning Life Systems (Water Mark Press), an assembling of 41 artists working to create a healthy planet. Her latest 2004-2007 books are seven correspondence ‘Interactiv’s invented as a new form of poetry/critical writing and two poetry books invented for her writing in the margins of Anselm Hollo and Simon Petit books. She continues to make books and shows as Congelo. For the 2001 Venice Biennale Coco contributed her Superskywoman dialog ‘Forget Coming’ to the Markers Project on Via Garibaldi and contributed her performance poem ‘Homage to the butterfly’ to the Bunker Poetry Project at the Artiglierie of the Arsenale.
13 SuperSkyWoman dialog posters showed at De Garage, Belgium May3-June 23 2002, curated by Luc Fierens. She has participated in the London and the Istanbul Biennales. Coco is featured in two films about Ray Johnson: ‘How To Draw A Bunny’ by Andrew Moore, a Sundance film festival award winner, and ‘Connections’ by Lars Movin. She is in the film ‘Cake Walking Babies from Home’ by Peter Leiss.
Her Jane Doe political work is on Austrian website,
Other websites featuring Coco are,, in France.
She read her SuperSkyWoman dialogs at the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in 2004. 2002, Residency at Santa Fe Art institute.
2000, grant to do 4 web pages for Sound Studio Creative Concept at Harvestworks 1998 did ³Forget Coming² sound piece in the elevator of Art-In-General, NYC. Residency as a writer, Djerassi Foundation, CA, May 1996.
1996, Robert Winner Award for full manuscript, runner up, Poetry Society of America.
1993, Received a Harvestworks grant for creating music commissioned by Schreams in Austria for the Steirischer Herbst Avant-Garde Festival 1993.
1991, Residency at the Banff Centre, Alberta 3 months #TREE (DIS)PLACEMENT VIEW’ , a public art project in five locations with fallen spruces, pinhole cameras and 2 artist books.
1988 received Susan B Anthony award from NYC for living in the Window Peace, Sohozat

Coco Gordon participates in

  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global museum
  • Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraying themselves
    curated by Agricola de Cologne

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Memorial for the Victims of Terror
    curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Coco Gordon is featured on

    Le Musee-divisioniste – ExhibitionHall

    together with Melissa Ulto and Valerie Rose
    in the feature of “self-representations series”

    and her solo feature