Claudia Strohm

Claudia Strohm
The recurring themes in Claudia Strohm’s work are colonialism emphasized on Africa, traditions, working and living conditions of women and education. These topics are put in installations and performances for which she uses writing, sewing and drawing. Claudia Strohm gets her inspiration by historical or current events and transforms those into her own short actions that amuse, disturb or shake up.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Die Frau/ The Woman, 8:57, 2015
In 2015 I took part in The Performance Festival KinAct#1 in Kinshasa, DR of the Congo. I decided to sew a robe with cloth from Germany and the DR of the Congo. I bought cloth on a market in Kinshasa as well and I sew the robe with a hand machine from the tailor´s I lived at. On the streets of Kinshasa ́s suburb, Masina, there was a lot of rubbish and there was no place to dispose it. But everybody has the right to live in a clean area. So I decided to wash the rubbish, I found in the streets and return it in the same place. I don ́t want to take away anything.