C.J. Yeh (Taiwan)

C.J. Yeh

Since 1998 he has been exploring the area of new media art which he has integrated into his more traditional areas of study and expression. The juxtaposition and integration of digital and analog, virtual and actual, natural and cultural, articulates his point of view on the changing perception of identity and reality in the digital era. Yeh’s prolific exhibition schedule includes showings at the Queens Museum, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, the Kennedy Museum of Art, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. His work has been introduced and reviewed by publications such as The New York Times, NY Arts, World Journal, and Art China.

Since 1999, Yeh’s essays on art and technology have been featured in Art and Collection Magazine, ArtNow Magazine, Art Today Magazine, and Artists Magazine, amongst others. He has also written research articles for The Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and the International Taipei Art Fair.

C.J. Yeh
is participating in

  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
  • the exhibition
    Seven Ways for Saying Internet with Net Art
    curated by Elena Julia Rossi

    will be launched on 1 November 2007

    featuring these artists
    Juliet DavisReinhald Drouhin
    Free Soil (Amy Franceschini, Myriel Milicevic, Nis Rømer)
    Santiago Ortiz
    Lorenzo Pizzanelli