Ciento Volando Collective (Spain)

Ciento Volando Collective:
Arcadio Sánchez Alcaraz
Miguel A. De Reyes Extremera

Ciento volando is an art collective created in the Spring 2009 in Granada (Spain). We are two people (Arcadio Sánchez and Miguel de Reyes) interested in video art who started wondering how to make something on their own. We try to create an intimate relation between image and sound, making music articulate and move together with the video. We are also explore stop motion possibilities and an ambiguous narration using just a few subtle elements.
In “Walk away from there” we give the spectator a couple of suggestive elements expecting him/her to figure out what is happening. Starting with this given audiovisual backbone they can complete the story with some low budget sci-fi movie scenes, recurrent nightmares or their vision of their worst day at work ever.