Chris Funkhouser (USA)

Chris Funkhouser

In 2002, Chris Funkhouser completed two chronicles of pre-WWW online poetics for print publication, DIU: Descriptions of an Imaginary Universe and Whereis Mineral: Adventures in MOO. His critical commentary has appeared in Telling It Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s, SIGWEB Newsletter (Association for Computing Machinery), TEXT Technology: The Journal of Computer Text Processing, Electronic Book Review, and on the International Anthology of Digital Poetry and Of(f) the W.W.Web cd-roms. In the past decade he published interviews, reviews, poetry and other creative work in many magazines, anthologies and Web sites and has performed his cyberpoetry in China, Malaysia, Brazil and several other countries. He was editor of The Little Magazine Volume 21, the first North American literary magazine published on cd-rom (1995), and with the online journals EJournal, Descriptions of an Imaginary Universe, and Passages. Presently, he is editor of Newark Review and We Press, and poetry editor for Terra Nova: Nature and Culture (MIT Press book series). He recently co-produced a 2 compact disc poetry anthology, Kenning 12, and is the Webmaster for He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Albany (SUNY), and an M.A. in English from the University of Virginia. He is a professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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