Chiara Passa (Italy)

Chiara Passa

I was born in Roma on 30/04/1973. At the moment I’m living and working between Milano and Roma. The limit between abstraction and the search for image composition is indefinite and borderline in my work. The same theme explores different formal solutions. Missiles, (“time bomb the love”) through vertical-horizontal movements, transform themselves in synthetic and basic architectures, “compressions-containers”. Or else, camera lenses : (calling a conversation in universe) by executing a “virtual courtship”, look like gymnasiums floating in space. My work’s proposition is to transmute and give feelings to objects. Through animation, every single frame seems isolated and “blocked” in the context of a transforming visible information flow. My work continues also in an interactive project for the web (“pipeline project”) where I came up with a kind of “super place”, the inside of a cylindrical four story house made up of a living room with a circular couch, a bare bedroom, a study room with a projector and a equilibrium room, inside of which there is an egg, inside this egg there is a house prototype which is always balanced. With the computer I have always created the project of an installation: “Pagodas-Meringue proj.”, where pagodas become meringues and melt into low pools of coloured water which can be navigated by the spectator: (“My sweet, sweet home”). The challenge is certainly in the use of new technologies that give us the opportunity to design immediately and “freeze” fragments belonging to the speed of contemporary communication.
Selected solo exhibitions
1998- “Se son rose fioriranno” Performance at Festival of Spoleto. Curated by Antonio Arévalo.
1999- “Time bomb the love” Galleria Studio Ercolani, Bologna Curated by Guido Molinari.
2000- “Duetti” Galleria Arte contemporanea Catania. Curated byi Antonio Arévalo; Testo di Mario Savini.
2002- “ Calling a Conversation in universe” Galleria Placentia Arte, Piacenza. Curated by Lino Baldini .
Selected group exhibitions
1998- “Tuttologica” Murazzi del Po, torino. Curated by gallery Hyperion and Dario Salani.
1999- “La festa dell’Arte” Acquario Romano. Curated by Ludovico Pratesi e Alessandra Borghese.
1999- “Architettare il contemporaneo” Facoltà di Achitettura di Venezia. Curated by Antonio Arévalo.
1999- “FROG: festival romano delle opere giovanili” Biennale giovani artisti del mediterraneo, Ex Mattatoio, Roma.
1999- “Autori-Tratti-Italiani” Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia. Curated by Antonio Arèvalo e Aurora Fonda.
1999- “48 Biennale di Venezia” Proiezione Video “time bomb the love” (2/8 settembre; Oreste Cinema ) .
1999- “RIPARTE” International Art Fair, Hotel Hilton Cavalieri; Roma.
2000- ” Soap Opera” En Plain Air Arte contemporanea, Pinerolo (to); curated by Alessandra Galletta e Luca Beatrice.
2001- “Made in Rome” ‘Artistas emergentes de la Roma del dos mil’; Galleria Gabriela Mistral, Santiago Chile. Curated by Antonio Arèvalo.
2001- “M.I.A.R.T.” Fiera d’arte contemporanea, galleria ‘Careof’ ; Milano.
2001- “Bienal de Valencia” “ El mundo nuevo” I edizione, Convento del Carmen, Valencia. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.
2002- “ Una babele Postmoderna” Palazzo Pigorini, Parma. Curated by Edoardo di Mauro.
Antonio Arèvalo, Guido Bartorelli, Tomaso Binga, Daniela Bruni, Claudia Colasanti, Tiziana D’Acchille, Edoardo di Mauro, Patrizia Ferri, Gloria Gradassi, Giuseppe Lastaria, Daniela Lotta, Paola Magni, Guido Molinari, Emanuela Nobile Mino, Riccardo Notte, Elena Paba, Roberta Perfetti, Ludovico Pratesi, Enzo Santese, Silvio Saura, Mario Savini, Gabriele Simongini, Laura Turco Livieri, Claudia Zanfi.

Chiara Passa participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Current Positions of Italian netart

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

  • Cinematheque
  • Cinema_B – Slowtime? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
    curated by Agricola de Cologne