Carol-Ann Braun (France)

Carol-Ann Holzberger-Braun

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  • lives in Paris, France. She is a painter who has been working with digital technology since 1985. She is on the Board of Directors of LeCUBE/Art3000, where she not only has created several works in virtual reality, but also organizes “Les Soirées Research”.

    In the past fifteen years she has created several interactive renditions of poetical texts, including :

    – “Gravity Waves”, an installation done in collaboration with David Bett and Blake Leland, funded by the CCPA and shown at the Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University and at the Herbert Johnson Museum, Ithaca, New York.

    – “Un Conte à Votre Façon”, by Raymond Queneau, published by Gallimard in the 1996 CD-Rom “Machines à Ecrire”, by Antoine Denize and Bernard Magné.

    “Irreversibility”, an installation in virtual reality (created with World Tool Kit and co-produced with Art3000) based on the poem by Blake Leland. Shown in 1997 at Unesco, Paris; and “Interfaces Mondes Réels et Virtuels”, Montpellier.

    Her small, more pictorial digital work has been shown in various galleries, including the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (Rencontres Infographiques, 1994).

    Her current projects include an augmented chat space for the near-by African immigrant community and her neighborhood in Paris. This work is based on a series of experimental prototypes funded by the Ministère de la Culture and the Fondation Louis Leprince Ringuet. It is currently supported thanks to La Politique de la Ville, interested in new technology for citizen concertation.

    She has written several articles on art and digital technology, in both English and French, for AOIR, Post Identity, Les Cahiers Louis Lumière, IEEE magazine, M/C Media and Culture.

    Carol-Ann Braun is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title: « Irreversibility » , video, 2000. 2:30