Caitlin Berrigan (USA)

Caitlin Berrigan

  • VAD – Video Art Database
  • is an emerging artist in video, sculpture,
    performance, and interactive art. In her work, Berrigan questions the world of representation through encounters between bare flesh and the fantasy of the image. She addresses our attractions and repulsions to violence, desire, and possession via performance, video, and intimateobjects. Critical, but also inventive, she deconstructs the mechanisms of imagery through playful, subversive works. After completing an interactive video & sculpture installation on medical examination and archetypes of the vagina dentata, Berrigan is collaborating with artist Ben Mauer on the creation of symbiotic relationships between virtual genitals and viruses. Her work has shown with the Kitchen in New York City, the L.A. Freewaves festival, and the Rencontres A3 festival in Paris, among other venues. A Californian native, she recently relocated to Brooklyn after living in France and Massachusetts.

    Caitlin Berrigan is participating in

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  • Video selection
    curated by Alex Haupt
    Title: Concoctions, video, 2002