Brocolis VHS (Brazil)

Brócolis VHS – Video Homeless System

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  • Brócolis VHS – Video Homeless System – has been participating of the video scene in Brazil since 1998, exhibiting independent video. Congregates several artists around the world, developing a network via web (, working mainly with low-tech solutions. Produces videos of short time duration in its all modalities: trash, videoart, documentary, videomusic, ficcion, etc. Brócolis VHS brings to the public a significant part of video-culture that is, not rarely, excluded from the official circuits of exhibition.

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    1. Cassia Kallenah
    2. Omar Emir Barquet
    3. Neide Jallageas
    4. Fabio Oliveira Nunes
    5. Brócolis VHS – Video Homeless System

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  • VideoChannel
  • Videos from Brazil
    Title of work: Signature Project, video, 2003, 5:00

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne