Brit Bunkley (New Zealand)

Brit Bunkley

Bio: Brit Bunkley is a New Zealand based artist whose art practice includes the proposal and construction of large scale outdoor sculptures, discrete objects, installations as well as the creation of “impossible” moving and still images and architecture designed using computer3D modelling, video editing and image editing programs. His work explores an oblique sense of paranoid apocalyptic fear tempered with a sense of whimsy and irony.

Participant in
CologneOFF VIII – 8th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF IX – 9th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
The d/i/light Memorial – Shoah Film Collection

The W:OW Project
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Video title: Bush Dance, 2020, 4:27
“Bush Dance is a video of interactions within previously unexplored bush behind our house during lock down – a close up of a muscular tree, reading Micho Kaku and Clifford Pickover essays on Hyperspace and dancing salsa to ambient music in a Tyvek suit.
Readings from: “Borrowed Time: Interview with Michio Kaku” in Scientific American November 2003, and “Surfing Through Hyperspace” by Clifford A. Pickover. P. 71
Andrea Gardner reading and dancing in the Tyvek suit and Lucy, the wonder dog, in the tree.
Loops and sound effects by Soundsnap and Pond5”