BrailleBones aka A.Desjardins (France)

BrailleBones aka A.Desjardins

Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

My Lullaby (swinging stereo remix)
2004, 4:32
The original recording was taken from the largest international border crossing between Canada and the United States. The Ambassador Bridge links the Canadian border city of Windsor Ontario to the city of Detroit Michigan. Hundreds of trains and trucks pass through these two cities on a daily bases. The purpose of this piece is to capture through live recordings the sounds of Detroit’s unique acoustic environment. These samples are arranged in a way that illustrates the cosmic frequencies that define us and affect our lives.

The rationale behind this collection of sound occurrences is to explore the natural frequencies and beats that surround us, and find a connection between the dynamics of our acoustic environment and the unique musical style and culture of the Windsor/Detroit area. This piece raises the question: Do the frequencies of a transient industry play a role in the art that is produced regionally? Has this played a part in the inspiration of techno music and gritty Detroit rock n roll?
Regardless, this is my home. This is my soundtrack, and at night, this is my lullaby.

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