Dina Boswank (Germany)

Dina Boswank
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*1981, Dresden // 2000 – 2002 Studies in Graphic Design at Bauhaus University in Dessau // 2002 – March 2009 Diploma in MediaArt at HFG/ZKM Karlsruhe at Jai-Young Park, Mischa Kuball, Nira Pereg // 2004/05 Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, FR with a scholarship of the Office Franco-Allemande // March 2009 – 2010 working and living in Bangalore, India – cooperation with the Goethe Institut and several artists (“The Manjunauts” – video/sound/performance)

Since 2003, when she became a foundation member of the “Büro für Raumfragen” (www.raumfragen.org), she was involved in several projects dealing with matters of urbanity and the cultural potential of different social spheres and places.
In 2006 the “BFR” created an audio guided tour entitled “Art&Economy” for the Große Bergstraße in Hamburg.

In 2008/09 the projects were circling around highways, traffic jam and commuters. What kind of space is created while standing fixedly in small cells quite close to each other? As a result she installed a radio and developed a sound installation in between a highway crossing in Karlsruhe.

Right now she is working on a documental video installation about security guards in Bangalore, focussing on their memories and stories from villages in the North of India. Some ghost, a lot of cigarettes and hours of waiting will be put together.