Blogwork/Biennale de Venezia (Italy)

Blogwork/Biennale de Venezia
Pixel DNA

PixelDNA was born as a media event, as “aesthetic invasion and extension into real” (evergreen dream born with historical avant-guard of the first years of 1900, using the art and design signs as every day objects); a sort of embodying, a definition, a time map of those who inhabited and inhabit the community of Italian webdesigners whose name is DollyDesign.
PixelDNA shapes as a contac territory for worlds which run parallel to the net one.
As time went by PixelDNA has become a project whose aim is researching, experimenting and promoting inside the digital making. In practize it founded a way of NETWORKMAKING which is slowly replacing COMMUNITY MAKING which was the main point of the pioneering and socializing period, a moment of awareness for citizens, inhabitants and surfers of the net, but old as an original and productibve tool of ART MAKING.
From meeting to documentary production for televion, cinema and the net, from creation of historical and up to date archive for Biennale di Venezia about Digital Art. Made of a tiny group of people, among whom Lorenzo Miglioli, Andrea Toniolo, Mauro Gatti, Lorenzo Manfredi, it was launched towards a creation of a network of artists from all over the world who constantly work together in the head in PixelDNA, trying to give visibility and historical foundation to art that through digital spreads in the net the interactive way.
The PixelDNA group doesn’t limit its effort to the creative spreading and promotion, but it’s a producer of complex and totally evolved projects in their being DollyDesign (community as an art work); the blogwork of the 50th Biennale di Venezia (Technology which makes the net accessible as a diary, used for networking); Gluebalize, an on-line magazine (which extends the Blogwork vision); and more canonically artistic projects as Headosophy, Memetic Maps, What if Stories and so on…

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