Björn Norberg (Sweden)

Björn Norberg

1994-2004 Curator at the Museum of Gävleborg, Gävle, Sweden
2000- Curator of the nonTVTVstation/Splintermind

1991-1994 Bachelor of art at Uppsala University
2000 Art and pedagogic, University College of Art/Konstfack in Stockholm

Curated exhibitions, a selection

2004 The Soul at the site, Sandviken Art Centre/ Museum of Gävleborg
Get Real!, Kiasma
5 composers, NonTVTVstation
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, nonTVTVstation
Julie Andreyev, nonTVTVstation
Beeoff, nonTVTVstation and RRF – Agricola de Cologne, screened at MOCA Romania.
2003 Jöran Österman, Museum of Gävleborg
Helene Öfverström, Museum of Gävleborg
Renen, Placebo och Festis, Museum of Gävleborg
Marius Watz, nonTVTVstation
Pink Twins, nonTVTVstation
Nils Edvardsson, nonTVTVstation
Samuli Alapuranen&Anonymous&Anonymous, nonTVTVstation
Beeoff and Vesa Vehviläinen, Uppsala Art Museum
Tomas Linell, Glass Rondo, nonTVTVstation
Gunilla Leander and Rosan Bosch, nonTVTVstation
Uppsala International Shortfilmfestival
Jakob Kirkegaard and Ellen Röed, nonTVTVstation
Emi Maeda and HC Gilje, nonTVTVstation
Steven Dixon and Tore Nilsson, nonTVTVstation

2002 Nudes, Museum of Gävleborg

2001 The white town, Museum of Gävleborg
Miss Universe – the boy photographer, Museum of Gävleborg

2000 Meetings, Museum of Gävleborg

1999 Believe in the future, Museum of Gävleborg
Chernobyl, Museum of Gävleborg

1998 Chairs, Museum of Gävleborg

1996 The Swedish Children Book, Royal University in Stockholm
1995 Houses, Museum of Gävleborg

2004 Rights on the Internet, Riksutatällningar,
1998-2004 Art history and theory at the Art School of Gävle
2002-2003 New Media Art at the University College of Gävle
2002-2004 Guest lectures at the Royal University College of Fine
2001 Key note speaker at the CULT2001 congress in Copenhagen, Denmark

2000-2004 Board member of the Swedish Association of Curators
2003-2006 Participant of a research team investigating complexity
and processes. The project is initiated by the Swedish Research Council.
2003 Particpating and writing for the Art and New Media courses at the
Royal University College of Fine Arts
2003 Moderator for a seminar, writing texts for exhibitions, Uppsala
2002 Moderator for a seminar, web exhibitions, Riksutställningar in
2001 Moderator for a seminar, video and exhibitions, Riksutställningar
in Stockholm

Björn Norberg curates for

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    Jens Salander/Mikael Strömberg
    Steven Dixon
    Cecilia Lundquist
    Petra Lindholm