Bjørn Wangen (Norway/Sweden)

Bjørn Wangen

Educator at the Malmö university college

The National Academy of Fine Arts, Trondheim, Norway

Broadway film and media centre, Nottingham UK
I:D gallery, Stockholm
TEKS, Trondheim, Norway
Live Herring, Jyväskylä, Finland

ICECA Bangkok, Thailand
Aura Krognoshuset, Lund
ID:I gallery, Stockholm
Viper2003 video-lounge section, Basel, Schweitz
n5m4 media library, Amsterdam
Peam2003 Pescara electronic artists meeting, Pescara, Italy
ICECA first international new media festival, Chiangmai, Thailand
UnitedNet-Works mobile archive
Lunds konsthall
“Funk und Mutoids”, Bergstüb’l projekte, Berlin
“Hommage á Ola Billgren”, Galerie Leger, Malmö
“Malmö”, galleri F15, Moss, Norway
“Face to Face”, a Pineapple curational event at
RAP (RefluxArchivalProcessor), Re.projects Artspace, Stroud(Glou), U.K.
“Look at me” web project at Svenska Dagbladet
Reflux #7 one-night event at Re.projects Artspace, Stroud, U.K.
“Between Pop and Politics”, The Pineapple at B-16, Birmingham, U.K.
CyberMovie division of Moscow Film Festival
Between Pop and Politics The Pineapple at Re.projects, Stroud, U.K.
Reflux #1 one-night event at Re.projects Artspace, Stroud, U.K.
White night – white heat Akershus Art Center, Oslo, Norway
Kabusa Art hall, Ystad, Sweden
Nachladen SparwasserHQ, Berlin
”Sydnytt”, Vinslövs Art Society, Hässleholm, Sweden
Electrohype 2000 Malmö
Viper festival for video, film and new media, Schweitz
”Euro-ride”, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
”Gruppe X”, Porsgrunn Art Society, Norway
South city drawings The Pineapple, Malmö
Rollon multiple shop Malmö
And so on..
Galerie Leger, Malmö, Malmö Konsthall
Isidor gallery, Malmö, Project in Gamlebyen (PIG), Oslo
”Volvo- ich rolle”, Westwerk gallery, Hamburg, Germany
(with artist Peter Dacke) ”Enola alonE”, Malmö Art Museum KM II
”Five young painters ” Galleri Glemminge, Sweden ”Malerei 2000”,
Malmö Art Museum KM II ”Malerei 2000”, Hamburg, Germany
”Scandinavian sextet”, Galerie Leger, Malmö
”Pictures at an exhibition”, the Art hall in Höör,
”Sydnytt”, Malmö konsthall..

3rd price at CyberMovie, Moscow Film festival 2001 for the work “Print me”
CTHEORY multimedia Canada, ”Digital Dirt” issue

Written: Charlotte Bydler/magazine Hjärnstorm Netopi issue 3 – 4 2000
“The settlers of cyberspace” (in swedish)

Public art at The University Hospital MAS, Malmö
and collections at Drammens kunstmuseum, Norway and
the Art counsel of the Swedish Government

Bjørn Wangen participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Fjords – netart from Northern European countries