Beatrice Gibson (UK/India)

Beatrice Gibson

I began work as a writer in the year 1999, writing offline for various publications including Limb by limb Magazine, and the Economist Magazine, for whom I also did part time research. In the year 2000 I moved to Bombay, India and worked for the Indian Express newspaper for a period of roughly six months, after which I began to freelance. My explorations of Bombay, a city crowded with experiences, people, [im]possible pasts and [im]possible futures, revealed that it was a space demanding interpretation, and inscription. A space that, like all cities, presented itself as a provocation for words, a map waiting for a reader. Fragments of words seemed to be searching for voice. Inspired by the transparent and dramatic intersections of roots and wires, of the virtual and the flesh characteristic of a country on the periphery of late capitalism, I began research on the city both in a local context and as a generic form, observing the material and local as it integrated with the global and the informatic. Interested in urban and media spaces I looked at the intersections of networks, bodies, cities and symbols, of cultures in transition and cultures of transmission, I journeyed simultaneously through the cities streets and the scapes of the datasphere, mining information and digesting bytes. And so nungu emerged, dislodged from somewhere in between the 0’s and the 1’s. I founded nungu in late 2000 as primarily a literary platform engaged with networked text. Working together with local media artists nungu began as a Ezine and its initial interest lay in exploring and pushing the expressiveness of electronic textuality. Recognising that the very character of textual matter had changed because of its existence in screen-based reading environments instead of as printed matter, we attempted to utilise these new characteristics as expressive tools. Post [ver01] I became increasingly interested in the kind of cultural production and social alternatives enabled by the net in general and began to devote myself to net.production in the wider sense., and net.sound took hold. Currently I am based in between London and Bombay.

Beatrice Gibson participates in

  • Le Musee di-visioniste – the global art museum
  • Self-representation – Featured artists curated by Agricola de Cologne