Back Ted N-Ted aka Ryan Breen (USA)

Back Ted N-Ted aka Ryan Breen

Ryan Breen’s brainchild “Back Ted N-Ted” is a series of rhythmical yet non-repetitive sounds arranged in a linear composition. This collections of songs is influenced by Breen’s fascination with contemporary media, and its ability to convey complex ideas and emotions through over-stimulus. His original fragmented prose can be heard interspersed throughout his compositions creating a dialog with the music.

Breen is a native of Phoenix, Az. where he hibernates in his studio for weeks on end, writing,
recording, and mixing for himself and an assortment of recording artists including Coppe’, Treasure Mammal, Scorpius Dance Theater, Army of Robots, and his cowboy dad Mike Breen. His sound based installations have also been featured at the Nelson Fine Arts Museum in
Tempe, 515 gallery and Studio Lodo in Phoenix. Stay tuned for an upcoming tour with The Lymbyc Systym beginning in June. for more information visit…

Back Ted N-Ted aka Ryan Breen participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • – Memoryscapes