audible3 (New Zealand)

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  • Paul Winstanley
  • John Kennedy
  • Marc Chesterman
  • Pre-recorded sounds – Clinton Williams (Omit). In performance, Audible 3 make their music mostly through improvisation, with loosely organised sounds and musical processes as starting points. “With improvising we hear and react to the music as it evolves in the time and place of the performance” explains John Kennedy. “We’re more interested in ongoing processes then in a polished final product.” An underlying theme of the groups work is striving to get beyond the mystique of electronic instruments: that they’re complicated or that they’re not instruments at all. “People are curious about how we make our sounds. We’ve taken to explaining how the instruments work during concerts as a way of moving people’s curiousity away from “how they are doing it” to how the music sounds.” “Environmental” is a word often used in relation to Audible 3’s music, which may be the closest possible genre description. Imagine drifting underwater, tunneling inside the earth, standing amidst a derelict train yard.

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  • SoundLAB – Edition I
  • Soundart from New Zealand
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