Antony Carriere (USA)

Anthony Carriere

Anthony Carriere studied sculpture at Louisiana State University (1989-93) where he created his first Relational Art (“Immendorf School of Art”) in 1992. After receiving a MFA from Tulane University’s, Newcomb School of Art in 1996; he continued producing, mixed-media sculptures, drawings, photographs, paintings and performances that expressed his exploration of the artist’s self.

His art is a persistent evaluation of the monastic lifestyle of an artist. Using Eastern philosophy, childhood memories, meditation, and logic, he has developed an approach to artmaking that redefines daily life as a conceptual act where even routine actions become thoughtful suggestions to be considered by a viewer/participant.

“There are moments of human interaction that i consider profound, when out of my physical body i seem to have drifted. They find me at the most innocent of times, when the simplest of actions or circumstances prove to be intellectually breathtaking. The mother waiting next to me in a checkout line holding a screaming child might never be aware of the role she has played in my performance of opportunity. Nevertheless, this brief interaction allows me to deposit residuum into their lives. The effects of these leavings, often only represented in memory, are of uppermost importance. Within this stranger’s reactions rests my art.”

Anthony continues to produce art in many mediums using personal symbols and raw abstraction to communicate the emotion and struggle of the creative self. From political statements acted out before an audience, to poetic interactions with nature, to energy-filled drawings; he explores a complex personal philosophy and lifestyle.
He lives in New Orleans with his 2 children.

He is participating in

JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

a+b=ba? – art + blog = blogart?
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