Antonio Arango & Magdalena Martínez Franco (MX)

Antonio Arango Vázquez &
Magdalena Martínez Franco

Antonio Arango

With a university education as a designer of graphic communication, Antonio Arango has extended his studies with various courses in art theory, photography, film, theater, comic and electronic media.

He has won various awards such as the 3rd. at the Third Biennial of Video in the category of Experimental and video art (1994). He was awarded the 2nd. Second place in the Month of Performance (1993) and earned honorable mention in the 3rd Month of Performance at Ex-Teresa Arte Alternativo (1994). Winner of the media façade for the Goethe Institute Mexico (2005). His videos and installations have been exhibited in Mexico (Museums and galleries) and in various festivals and exhibitions in the U.S., Spain, Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan and Chile.

It has been 2 times a Fellow at the Young Artists Program FONCA in the area of Multimedia (1995-1996) and in the area of Video (1998-1999) and received a stimulus in Fonca Support Program for Cultural Co-investments videorevista Glycerine (2000). Simultaneously was codirector of the Editorial Nitro Press (1999-2004).

Currently has the support of Production and Research in Art and Media 2010 National Center for the Arts and is a consultant on video and multimedia producer ultimedia Interactive Inc. since 1996.

Magdalena Martínez Franco

has a Master´s Degree in Visual Arts by the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas UNAM. Her work focuses on installation, photography and video and has been exhibited in Mexico, United States, Latin America and Europe. Since 1994 she has worked with different coreographers as a Visual Director.

In 2010 Magdalena and Antonio won the Grant of Production and Research in Art and Media 2010 by the National Center for the Arts, and this video is part of the project.