Antonio Alvarado (Spain)

Antonio Alvarado

Digital, cybernetic and multimedia artist. He has been working for 40 years, having performed multiple solo and group exhibitions. More than 20 years ago he began to work with computers, since then he mixes in his works the electronic, the digital and the plastic.
My ideas, close to Theory of Strings and other contemporary theories, I do not use them as absolute truth but as an excuse to uncover worlds that hide under the layers of what is called reality, expanding it.
Having knowledge of software and hardware, I am in favor of working in collaboration with other people. I am currently developing works, which combine plastic and electronics, with the Weber-Lutgen
Gallery in Seville, the Museo La Neomudejar in Madrid and some members of Makespace Madrid.
Some recent activity:
– Past & Future. Gallery Weber-Lutgen · Seville.2017.
– Nave Escopica. La Neomudejar Museum. Madrid. 2016
– Movilforum IoT Hackathon. School of Industrial Organization. Madrid. 2015.
– Encuentro en Zona de Moraña 2015. Ávila. Spain. 2015.
– 5th International Videopoesia Festival. VideoBardo.Buenos Aires. 2014.
– Art and Technology.UOC (Open University of Catalonia). Madrid. 2014.
– Liberated Words III, COUNTDOWN. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. 2014.
– Cibernetica. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2013.
– Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival. Festival of videopoesía. I participate with the collective Videobardo. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. October 2013.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Videobardo & Flux Club. Antic Teatre. Barcelona. 2013.
– AR¯TE¯CNICA. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2012.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Centro Español de Buenos Aires, MALBA, Biblioteca Nacional. Buenos Aires. 2012.

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  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
    I-Corrida – netart from Spain
    Corona! Shut down?
    Cloistered, 2020, 3′ 27”
    The coronavirus crisis has forced many citizens to confine themselves to their homes, but thanks to the Internet, the connection between everyone continues and multiple news reaches our home. They are another type of virus. What is true when everything can be manipulated?