Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena (IT)

Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena (CV)
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SIP – SoundLAB Interview

(born in SASSARI the 7th of december 1970)

Musician, producer, writer and videomaker has taken part in several music and video international festivals.
Interested about innovations and challenges, she runs the music and video production IDROSCALO DIGITALE.
She has a degree in psychology and a Master in NLP and Communication and lives in Berlin since 2004.

Curriculum vitae
1995 – begins djing and organizing rave parties and underground events in Italy;
1997 – starts mind-provoking zine Peti Nudi, which deals with music and alternative lifestyles;
1998 – interviews the musicians and producers IF (Holland) and Somatic Responses (UK) in collaboration with Matteo Swaitz;
1999 – buys her first PC and starts composing music using different softwares;
2000 – establishes the label and production Idroscalo Dischi;
2001 – plays a gig in New York City at Havoc Sound Lab.; starts her collaboration with Espera..espera…bioproducciones/ Cuba;
2002 – takes part in Paris-based festival at Batofar called “Paris cherche’ l’Italie”;
2003 – collaborates and learns electronics music with Maurizio Martusciello aka Martux_M in Rome;
2004 – works with Mario D’Andreta/Dr. Who under a new project called Noitz;
2005 – plays live in Rome at Brancaleone – Festival Sensoralia – Roma Europa Festival;
2006 – shoots in Italy the documentary “In sospeso”.
2007 starts with the video production IDROSCALO DIGITALE; wins the multimedial competion IXEM!Live (Palermo) with the work “Fernseht(o)urm”;
2008- releases the documentary “Durch den Klang”.

1999 Untitled;
2000 Various//Mapuche//Michelle;
2001 NYC//Buscando la Morosa;
2002 Harakiri//Imagine//Paris mon Amour;
2003 George Christ Superstar//Giustimix (remakes from Justified/Justin Timberlake)//
2004 Suite Fernando (remix from original soundtrack Suite Havana by Perez/Alejandro/
Cisneros/Wanda Vision Spain/ICAIC Cuba 2003)//
2004 Britt//Schumanna//Villada;
2005 Fassbiernder//In sospeso;
2006 Animal’s factory//Die Exkursion//George quien?//Funky Madrigali.
2007 Fernseht(o)urm; La Casa; Fagioli Neri;
2008 Glücksfälle/Accoppiamenti/C(u)ore industriale.

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