Andy Cox (UK)

Andy Cox

My work is an attempt to survive in a world that revolves around finance capital, where media power is concentrated in the hands of the few, and where famine and AIDS rage in Africa while we devour shares in the next dot com IPO. It is work of anger and confusion, tinged with humor. To aid in this work I have founded the artist collective Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (TWCDC).
We attempt to use the weight of capitalism and its incorporations against themselves to open up a space for critical dialog. So, with a jujitsu throw, Citibank becomes Citybank, destination Daly City becomes destination Capitalism, Batman and Robin are socialist revolutionaries, the Bellagio Casino displays anti-capitalist art, advertising kiosks become spaces for zen-like contemplation, and socialism has swept through the Americas. Together we can get to somewhere else.

Andy Cox participates in

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • Iraq – the war and post-war period
    curated by Agricola de Cologne