ambient.TV (UK/Austria)

Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel have worked on a series of projects using sound and networked media, including Stealth Waltz (Ars Electronica/Linz), The Spy School (VideoZone/ Tel Aviv, Timebase/Hull), Karaoke Busking (White Space Gallery/ London), AV DINNERS and Acoustic Space Lab VR (in which twenty-five media artists generated work from the Latvian site of a Soviet-era 32-metre dish antenna formerly used to spy on satellite transmissions between Europe and North America). They are currently developing a telematic theatre piece, flipflop, using WLAN and live streams, featuring New York-based motion poet Ajay Naidu.
Manu is a filmmaker who works outside the frame. With an academic background in Fine Arts (MA Vienna, Bangkok) and the Artistic Directorship of the Munich Media Lab behind her, she began to conceive and produce interdisciplinary projects related to media and net culture. She founded ambientTV.NET as a platform for the investigation of generative networks in both social and technical senses.
Mukul is in-house sound artist at ambientTV.NET, where he collaborates across media including film, theatre and the internet. His work is concerned as much with the transmission of sound as its creation; informed by his background in science and Indian music, it plays along the borders between music and noise, rule-bound forms and chance, and technology and tradition. He is currently working on a film soundtrack, a music album in collabortion with Akha musician Aju Jupoh, and a telematic theatre project that features capoeira, spoken word, and live video manipulation.

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