Alistair McClymont (UK)

Alistair McClymont

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  • ‘RCA Sculpture School graduate Alistair McClymont’s work investigates the romanticism with which contemporary cultural products have been invested. He uses well-known commodities, brands and logos as recurring themes: a recent series of work has been based around the imagery of the Evian mountain, for instance. In these pieces he comments on the emblem as a guarantee of purity and a symbol of a human desire to feel connected to the natural world. In another, Honey and Almonds, he reflects upon a romantic sensibility that the Toblerone bar exploits in its shape and logo, combining images from maps, geographic formations and William Hodge’s painting Tahiti Revisited.

    In his most recent work, ‘The Dark Side of the Rainbow’, McClymont has extended his observation of cultural production to the cult status of film and music, merging the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and the Pink Floyd album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, in accordance with a popular urban myth that the two can be played in perfect synchronisation. By using cultural artifacts that belong to the realm of the everyday, McClymont produces work relevant to our everyday lives, providing a light hearted look at the world of cultural production.

    Alistair McClymont graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2005. He has already exhibited widely across the UK, most recently with solo exhibitions at Reception Space ACAVA and the Hull Art Lab.’

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    Title: The dark side of the rainbow, video, 2005