Alicja Zebrowska (Poland)

Alicja Zebrowska / Poland

Born in 1956 in Zakopane/Poland
Lives and works in Cracow.

1978-1981 studies at the Art Institute of the Lublin University (UMCS).
1981 – a degree in sculpture (UMCS) Lublin.
1990-92 visiting student at the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna.
1992 – post-diploma at Wander Bertoni studio at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna.
Since 1993 to 1995 co-operates with the Zderzak Gallery in Cracow.
Since 1996 to 2006 member of Fort of Art Association.
She participated in many individual and collective exhibitions and presentations in the prestigious galleries in many countries
Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw/Poland,
Laznia Gallery, Gdansk/Poland
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana / Slovenia
Museum Modern Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Wiedeń / Austria
National Museum, Warsaw / Poland
City Gallery of Prague / Czech Republik
Anteprima Bovisa, Milano / Italy
VIPER Film Festival in Basel / Switzerland
VertexList gallery, New York
Manhattan Gallery, Lodz / Poland
and lot of others.