Alexander Schubert (Germany)

Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert, born in 1979 in Bremen, tries to explore cross-genre interfaces between acoustic and electronic music. He ha written tape music, electro-acoustic music and mixed media works. Heʼs interested in the design of software-setups and manipulation / design of instruments for an intuitive handling in an improvised context (see “Weapon of Choice”).
A permanent focus of his work is the combination of notated and improvised music – both in aesthetics and structure. He plays in the group „Ember“ (saxophone, drums, piano, electronics) which mainly realises minimal, poly-rhythmic pieces that are a mix of free jazz and contemporary chamber music. But he also tries to combine the liveliness and energy of the improvised music with the structures of composed music. Alexander Schubert curates the music festival contemporary electronic music in Leipzig and runs the publishing company „Ahornfelder-Verlag“ for experimental audio and book releases.
In 2009 he was awarded with a Bourges residency prize.