Alexander Kharkovsky (Russia)

Alexander Kharkovsky

Alexander Kharkovsky (b.1960) writes music both for traditional instruments and for electronic media. He composes seldom and briefly.
Alexander Kharkovsky: My motto in electronic compositions is: no “total control” over sound. I play with a sound tradition as a cat plays with a mouse. The tradition is still alive…
Alexander Kharkovsky graduated from St.Petersburg Conservatoire with a master thesis on Iannis Xenakis (“Formalization as an instrument of composer’s work”). He worked at theatre and cinema, taught at music school. After 8 years of work as journalist and music editor at various radio stations he gained an intriguing experience of looking at sounds of surrounding world as if “through microscope”.
In 2001-02 Alexander Kharkovsky worked for Russian Service of Radio Liberty, making programmes on experimental works by contemporary St.Petersburg musicians.
Today he is an editor-in-chief of “Compositor • Saint Petersburg” publishing house, one of the biggest music publishing houses in Russia. He teaches at St.Petersburg Conservatory and as an expert participates in music programmes of Pro Arte institute.

Alexander Kharkovsky participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edution IV – Memoryscapes
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    Edition II
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter