Agence TOPO (Canada)

Agence Topo

Agence TOPO is an artistic organization dedicated to fictions and photography in relation with literature and new media. CIVILITIES is the fourth collective web project conducted by the Agence TOPO, after LIQUIDATION – a web-radio fiction (1998), FiXions – 5 photonovels on the web (1999) and VILANOVA (2002).
The site is also a space for the dissemination, promotion and distribution of art CD-ROM’s that are independently created and produced. The showcase favours, though not exclusively, works that make creative use of text and image: fictions, poetic fictions and other interactive fantasies.
Agence TOPO was founded and is directed by two Montreal artists, Michel Lefebvre and Eva Quintas, active in the field of media arts, digital imagery and multimedia writing.

Agence TOPO participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Perspectives 2003 – netart competition & showcase