Helena Bulaja (Croatia)

Helena Bulaja

Skilful and award winning, internationally recognized multimedia artist, director, designer, writer and as well as a producer, Helena is actively participating in professional development of digital media, design, art and filmmaking on a world scene since 1994. She is a founder, art director and producer of leading Croatian multimedia company – “Alt F4 – Bulaja Publishing & Studios”. She worked as art director, designer and illustrator for various computer magazines. She started her career as a digital artist in 1995, and her web / real space based art projects were mainly occupied with the metaphors and reality of telepresence within and between real and cyber space. Those projects attracted a lot of attention and among others were featured at Hotwired.com, Ars Electronica 1997 Net. Art Section and others….
In 2000 she started the most successful Croatian interactive project: a collection of animated and interactive stories “Croatian Tales of Long Ago” – The project attracted notable international recognitions, and was presented at more than 30 new media conferences, film and animation festivals and as well as digital art events, winning the best multimedia awards, from Flash Forward 2002 San Francisco, LuccaComics&Games 2004 to International Family Film Festival 2007, Hollywood, USA. The project was made in a unique way, with 8 independent teams of collaborators from all around the world (Australia, Germany, France, USA, Canada, UK…), whose work was coordinated on the Internet, and it was one of the first project of that kind worldwide, exclusively coordinated and created with international partners through our cyber web based studio, using the Internet as the communication, promotion and working channel and space.
Helena’s new project – experimental interactive DOCUMENTARY film “Mechanical Figures_Inspired by Tesla”, through the search for a new storytelling path, feature the stories and thoughts about Tesla from some of the most intrigue and inspiring top world artist like – director Terry Gilliam, actor Andy Serkis, musician Laurie Anderson, performance artist Marina Abramovic, writer Christopher Priest, new media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, scientist and President of Kyoto University Hiroshi Matsumoto and many others.