Danielle Imara and Yolande Brener

Danielle Imara and Yolande Brener

Yolande Brener is an award-winning author, who works as a teacher and teleprompter operator, and plays as an artist and a dancer. She is working on a graphic novel and is based in New York.
Danielle Imara is a live, video and sound artist and author based in London. She creates VR and immersive soundscapes and live/video art performances.She has published a best selling memoir, CRACK, and practices Silat martial art.

Y&I Lockdown is their second collaborative micro-film.

Corona! Shut Down?

title of video: Y&I Lockdown, 1 minute, 2020
Brener and Imara are locked down in London and New York during the corona crisis. Y&I Lockdown was performed simultaneously via online streaming. It highlights the loneliness and confusion of isolation, and also the connectedness of all who are separated in physical space due to the crisis.