Roland Quelven (France)

Roland Quelven
Born in Quimper, France in 1967.

Napolecitta or the fractal virtues of Detail:
I started this project in 1999 through paintings devoted to a description of an ancient imaginary city named Napolecitta (fusing Napoli and Cinecitta) .
In 2009: Animations Flash and digital collages in the website
Since 2010: Videos in quicktime format. The ancient city has become an encyclopedic world also named Napolecitta. Most of my videoworks are numbered assembling a register, an imaginary official record. Combinations of numbers, maps, writings, paintings and masterpieces of Art history digitally assembled, all this seen through the prism of the Detail.
‘We isolate some elements from the immense complexity of the real, often we create series by extracting those elements from this immense complexity’ Christian Dotremont
The reality concentrates as the fragment stands out… seeing through the prism of the Detail, whether iconic or pictorial, produces always the same effect: an invitation to travel inside.

2010 | Participations . Screenings.

CologneOFF VI – Let’s Celebrate curated by Agricola De Cologne
Video ” Napolecitta 43 | La Chambre de Maya D. ”

Peter Greenaway’s project : Lupercyclopedia.
Loops about the 92 first elements of the periodic table, 92 being the atomic number of uranium, at HD quality, each loop without sound and lasting no longer than 15 seconds. On July 2010 the new Peter Greenaway Live Cinema performance Lupercyclopedia premiered in Sani, Greece.

Mubi Garage curated by L.A. Alguera.
Article-Rewiew:Napolecitta or the fractal virtues of Detail on Mubi Garage Production notes

Independent Short-Creative-Videoworks curated by Shankar Barua.
Cabinet of curiosities : ( 7 videos: Joan meets Etienne -Jules, 2010, La Chambre d’Etienne-Jules, Paul meets Etienne -Jules, Albert meets Duchenne, Memorial for the Last Zebras, Period 1 Element and Period 2 Element) screened by The Academy of Electronic Art in New Delhi, on December 2010, under the title: “Edgelogue”.