Gérard Chauvin (France)

Gérard Chauvin

Born in 1950 lives and works in Angoulême France


Artist in Digital Art
1985-2005 :Teacher at Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image à Angoulême
1985 – Teacher at Art school Les Acacias à Angoulême
May 2004 – February 2006 Director de l’Ecole Arts Plastiques des ACACIAS
• Privileged mediums : none or all, rather mixed media
• Particular character : focusing on the development of installations, a chosen orientation since 1977. Since when, central elements and materials of the artwork are; the spectator’s reaction with the artwork, ephemeral and real time, fragmented artwork and the context.
• Circumstances : As a teacher in an art school I see latest technology being used in the workshops, which allows me to understand the computers and the latest technology. In this way I undertake projects with the students, which also reflects my personal convictions.
• Also, I am not a musician, nor a technician nor a computer expert, but an artist who ‘uses’ technologies without concern that they are the latest product.
• I have a relaxed attitude towards technology. I use technology to create the artwork not for the sake of using a particular technology.