Isabelle Schneider/Sherri Lee Richardson (France)

Isabelle Schneider
participant in
VAD – Video Art Database
VideoChannel – Women Directors Cut II
VideoChannel – French Video Art

Born in 1958 near Verdun.
Lives in the south of France.
Studies history.
Conducts parallelement works in painting and video on the subject of the body and war.
Works in co-operation with experimental theater companys. (German, Greek and French)


N °2 M Marseille Ville Matière
Verdun Marseille
Corps III
Body of War I et II
Little red and her riding hood

Body of War II. One war on the TV. I hold you in memory.

Sherri Lee Richardson
Born in 1963 in London
Lives in the south of France
Independant artist.

Works in collaboration with danse, theater, music and video creators as a performer and/or composer. A singer/songwriter working with accoustic instruments and MAO.
Translates french to english for theater and video.

To date:-

Soundtrack creation for: Body of War
Ville Matière N°2M
Get Over It
Little red and her riding hood

CD Creation: Red Mud in collaboration with Ian Harris

Performances and creation:
Des Dièses (Printemps de la dance for the theater La Busserine)
Destroyed ( Video clip)
4Elles (Musical Group performed at the festival Ste Agathe)
Paragraphe 176 ( Performed at the theater Petit Matin)
Une Operrette ( Performed at the theater Les Argonautes)

Presently working on a solo album and video project.

Isabelle Schneider/Sherri Lee Richardson
participate in

VideoChannel – video project environments

  • Women Directors Cut III
  • Video:
    Body of War II, 2007