Free Soil (Amy Franceschini, Myriel Milicevic, Nis Rømer)

Free Soil
(Amy Franceschini, Corinne Matesich, Nis Rømer Stijn Schiffeleers, Joni Taylor)

Free Soil is an international hybrid collaboration of artists, activists, researchers and gardeners who take a participatory role in the transformation of our environment. Free Soil fosters discourse, develops projects and gives support for critical art practices that reflect and change the urban and natural environment.
The Free Soil website is a public resource for the exchange of related ideas and for learning. It is a way to connect discourses similar in content but separated by geography. The website includes features, news, and reviews about relevant artists, exhibitions, books, architecture, public projects and sustainability.
Free Soil works collectively using various mediums. They realize workshops, public projects, articles, museum exhibitions and tours.

Amy Franceschini, USA
Amy is a new media artist and educator. Her work is pervaded with images of growth-reminding us that both nature and our own creative natures are precious commodities that must be nurtured and sustained whether on the web or in our own backyards. Amy founded Futurefarmers in 1995, as a means to bring together multidisciplinary artists to create new work. She is currently teaching Media Theory and Practice courses at Stanford University and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Myriel Milicevic, Germany
Myriel is an interaction designer and artist. She received her MA from the Interaction Design Institute at Ivrea, Italy. Myriel is interested in combining gaming, mobile networks and the urban environment, such as in her work of Neighbourhood Satellites.

Nis Rømer, Denmark
Nis works with public art in the city, on the web and in news media. With a playful and interactive approach, he creates situations for change and reflection. He has a special interest in the social and political organization of space and in how processes of globalization affects the city and our natural environment.

Free Soil
is participating in

  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
  • the exhibition
    Seven Ways for Saying Internet with Net Art
    curated by Elena Julia Rossi

    will be launched on 1 November 2007

    featuring these artists
    Juliet DavisReinhald Drouhin
    Free Soil (Amy Franceschini, Myriel Milicevic, Nis Rømer)
    Santiago Ortiz
    Lorenzo Pizzanelli