Rithea Phichith (Cambodia)


He is participating in
CologneOFF VIII – Continentral Drift
8th Cologne International Videoart Festival

short biography

Rithea has made a few short films after he had chosen for a film workshop of assistant director and casting manager at Cambodia Film Commission on January 2010. After the workshop, he got a job as first assistant director of a Cambodian-French Documentary, Golden Slumber and finished in the same year. 

His first film “Boyfriend”, a 15mn drama, was started in late 2010 with a Cambodian film collective, Kon Khmer Koun Khmer and finished in the middle of 2011. After this first film, he continued to make a few other short films and the second one, Chaos, went to the Yxin Film Festival in Vietnam, before his third film “What’s the difference?” and the fourth one “Beautiful Heart” which these two were made in 2012. 

In the beginning of 2012, he made a short film contest which was called “Chaktomuk Sort Film Contest” and it was held from 7th January to 24th March 2012. Plus, after making this contest, he got job with a Canadian feature film as assistant director and finished in June, queued by another US short docudrama as 1st assistant director which finished by this July.

Boyfriend: 14min40s, 2011
Chaos: 2min25s, 2011
What’s the difference? 1min15s, 2012
Beautiful Heart: 10min40s, 2012