Basir Mahmood (Pakistan)

Basir Mahmood (b 1985, Lahore)

participant in
1#minuteCOLOGNE – Cologne One Minute Film Festival

graduated in 2010 from Beaconhouse National University with a distinction. His interest in short films has won him various awards in the category of Best Director and Writer. ‘Gheera Chaasma’, a short film, was nominated at the Zabist Film Festival in Karachi which was written, directed and produced by Mahmood. His one minute short film ‘Dot in the line’ was shortlisted in the Filminute Film Festival in 2011. Mahmood is the recipient of Akademie Schloss Solitude fellowship for the year 2011-2012 in Stuttgart, Germany.

He will represent Pakistan at the Asia Pacific Triennial 2012 (APT 7) at Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia and showing his video at the launch of Broad Museum launch at Michigan State University in April 2012.

Besides being part of various private collections, Mahmood’s video works were recently acquired by the Queensland Art Gallery Collection in Brisbane, Australia.