David Boris Miranda Hardy (Chile)

David Boris Miranda Hardy
(co-directed with Hector Falcón Villa, Brandon Watz and Katya Gorker)

Born in 1972, David Miranda Hardy finished his BA in Sound at the University of Chile in 1994, when he started his work in Film and Music. David has been Sound Designer, Sound Editor and or Sound Mixer for more than 60 feature films for all the Americas, working for directors such as Francisco Lombardi (Peru), Andres Wood (Chile) and Lucrecia Martel (Argentina). He has also taught at film programs in universities in Chile, Cuba and the USA. He has received the Chilean National Arts Development Grant in four occasions, in both Music and Film. In 2008 he wrote and directed his first short film, Persistence of Memory, featured in the Philadelphia International Film Festival, city where he moved to under a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue an MFA in Film.