Ana Moravi & Dellani Lima (Brazil)

Ana Moravi & Dellani Lima

Ana Moraes Vieira

Wilson Dellani Pinto Lima

Dellani Lima

Filmmaker, musician, and producer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His major exhibitions include showings at Vidéoformes (France), Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy), Media Forum in Moscow, the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, the JVC Tokyo Video Festival, VideoBrasil, and South Africa’s KO Video Festival. Curator and jury of projects in Brazil: Mostra Vídeo do Itaú Cultural, Indie – Mostra de Cinema Mundial, Mostra do Filme Livre and III DOCTV (MG). For the past ten years, he has performed in five musical intervention projects, “Madame Rrose Selavy,” “Em Dias de Surto,” “r3c3ptador,” “Splishjam,” and “E Disse Que Era Economista,” which he founded and also provides digital support for.

Ana Moravi

Director and researcher of visual arts. Studies in Media and Art Education, residing in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Develops projects in audiovisual and art education.