Rob Parrish (USA)

Rob Parrish

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  • Rob Parrish, a Baltimore, Maryland native, is an Arlington, VA based video artist and filmmaker. The focus of Rob’s work over the last several years has been his two video blogs ( and

    By way of raw material, Rob favors the filmic equivalent of the rusty beer cans littering a scrubby patch of woods next to a highway. Most of his short films use discarded public domain film as the visual raw material. Even the films that aren’t built from found footage often take their inspiration from lost and damaged media, people, and places. Rob’s thematic concerns include: the beauty of the discarded; desire as the primary source of suffering; and the relativistic nature of human perception.

    Rob’s work has been shown at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Curator’s Office (Washington, DC), The Washington Project for the Arts (DC), The Pioneer Theatre (NYC), DC Shorts (DC), Pixelodeon at the American Film Institute (Los Angeles, CA), The DC Independent Film Festival (DC), and Artscape (Baltimore, MD). Rob has won three Rosebud Awards given for filmmaking excellence in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and won the grand prize at New Tee Vee’s “Love” Pier Screening in New York City.