Daniel Luchman (USA)

Daniel Luchman

  • participant in
    VideoChannel –> [self]~imaging
    artists portraiying themselves in film and fideo

    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • I was born in rural Iowa to a family of shepherds, I spent my childhood breeding and selling rabbits & goats. Received a BFA from the University of Iowa Intermedia arts program in 2007, and I am currently attending graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University school of fine arts in Pittsburgh, PA. Daniel is a video/performance, sculpture and installation artist, who constructs systems for rehearsing and interpreting knowledge, through processes of poetic intuition, collecting/organizing, craft, pseudo-empiricism and layers of social and historical research. I work primarily with video, performance and installation, to use the elements of time, space, and interactivity that allow for the communication of a more complete experience. My projects are structured within the context of simulated, semi-controlled realities that are designed as both arenas for creation and incubators for narrative, within which preconceived ideas can be explored and improvisational experimentation can occur. I approach difficult subjects with a playful curiosity, and alleviate the confusion and frustrations of my pursuit with a sense of humor, and through my work reflect both the darkness and the joy of the human condition.