Nitin Das (India)

Nitin Das
participates in
VideoChannel – One Minute Film Collection
VAD – Video Art Database

Originally an electronics engineer with an MBA in marketing, Nitin left his corporate career to become a filmmaker. Nitin finished a short course in Filmmaking from New York (2005), and on return to India set up his own company called Filmkaar Productions. The main objective is the promotion of independent filmmaking in India by making extraordinary films with ordinary people.

Filmkaar is currently working on a feature length digital film comprising eight interconnected short stories that will be made with the slum children of Mumbai. However the stories are not about poverty, misery or hunger, instead these are tales of magic and mischief, of ghosts and clever thieves, of a cricket match and a math’s test.

Nitin has recently won a special award from the British Council for social entrepreneurship in the creative sector.