Dubravko Lapaine & Hrvoje Nikšić

Dubravko Lapaine
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

Dubravko Lapaine, based in Zagreb, Croatia, was born in 1979. He is a highly regarded member of the contemporary didgeridoo playing community and has a very characteristic style.
But it was not always so. His professional mathematical career was abruptly stopped during the middle of his PhD studies by a sensational insight. He wanted to explore the fluid dynamics he was interested in in a much more practical manner from a different angle of thinking, in the terms of music through a tube.

Since 2005, he has performed to much acclaim in many concerts and festivals throughout Croatia and Europe, sometimes supplementing his performances with workshops and seminars focusing on his playing technique and musical philosophy.

Exploring hitherto undiscovered playing techniques for the didgeridoo, he constantly searches for new levels of musical virtuosity in his chosen instrument. Most didgeridoo lovers agree he has developed a distinctive style of musical expression that differs dramatically from both traditional aboriginal playing and the contemporary mainstream.

In the synergy between his body and the instrument, Dubravko simultaneously plays multiple melodies and rhythms, creating a dynamic musical experience for the listener that magically supersedes the expectations of sound from a “plain” tube.
Although he started with standard didgeridoos, his desire to explore the potential sound of this most basic of instruments led him to stretch and distort the basic natural design into a multitude of shapes and dimensions (reaching the length of 10m and frequency of 20Hz) resulting in his own unique sound and performance.

Hrvoje Nikšić

Hrvoje Nikšić was born in Našice in 1976, and he finished the ”Dora Pejačević“ music school there. After finishing high school, he came to Zagreb to study electrotechnical sciences. He achieved eternal glory by playing in all relevant Croatian underground bands ”Kukuriku Street“, ”Tena Novak“, ”Šumski“, etc.

At the same time, he found time to compose music for theatre and movies, and some of his more important works are ”Sjajno prolazno Vrijeme“, ”Slučaj Hamlet“ in the production of Gavella, ”Sudnji dan“ in the production of &TD., and collaborations in several shows with the Zagreb Dance Ansamble and Bad Company. He was an award winner of the Croatian Acting Society for the best radio drama, ”Žena bomba“ by Ivana Sajko, which was afterwards nominated for Grande Prix Europa (Europe?) for the best radio drama. He was the associate producer of the album ”Kite i kitice“ by Dunja Knebl which was awarded the discography award ”Porin“ in the category of best ethno album of the year. Also, as one of the authors, he was a winner of the award given by Ministry of Culture of Croatia for encouraging Croatian musical creativity in the year 2008 in the category of electronic music.

He is also producing for jazz, ethno, ambient, psychodelic alternative bands and performers like Dunja Knebl, Zemlja br.9, Petrola, Satellite, Radikal Dub Kolektiv…

At the moment, he is playing synthesizers, keyboards and sampler in several bands: Vještice, Tobogan LessThanAMinute, Teo Martinović & MatMar, Hrvoje i ja, Srce Kometa.

He is the owner of the Kramasonik studio for music production.