Borys Pasichniy & Julia Pavlovska (Ukraine)


Julia Pavlovska



Borys Pasichniy

Pasichney Boris and Julia Pavlovska. We are work in a creative tandem, so we represent works from our general project.

Julia. I work as a journalist and scenario writer on the local TV-channel. By education I am a musician. This year I’m going to finish university and become a graduate specialist of culture and art critic. As creative personality I am on the stage of forming. I am interested in a modern art. In this way I plan to develop farther.

Boris. I have higher education of psychologist and art critic. Above all things I consider myself a cinematographyst. During five years I take up photography, had own photo exhibitions. Now I give mach time to organization of concerts, party, exhibitions and performances in my city.

participants in
VAD – Video Art Database
VideoChannel – Ukrainian Video Art
curated by Yarina Butkovska (Lviv/Ukraine)