Franck de Las Mercedes (Nicaragua)

Franck de Las Mercedes

was born in Masaya, Nicaragua in 1972. Raised in a family of dancers, musicians and teachers, FdLM spent his childhood immersed in the arts. In the mid-eighties the Sandinista/Contra war forced the family to immigrate to the United States. FdLM would then grow up in New York City. At age 25, with an impressive resume in both music and stage, FdLM began to experiment with an undying fascination with visual arts. This experimentation quickly evolved into a promising career.
Completely self-taught, FdLM has spent the last 5 years developing a style that is spontaneous and intuitive.
His work often evokes feelings of solitude and longing and his subjects often seem to be caught on the edge of a delicate reality. His use of color is bold and unexpected, his style rhythmic and explosive creating a volatile body of work in its wake. FdLM works mostly with acrylics, painting on everything from canvas to pieces of wood found on sidewalks.

Franck de Las Mercedes participates in

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Agricola de Cologne