Diego Bernashina

Diego Bernashina (Chile)
Hard of hearing and multifaceted artist as visual artist, designer, teaching and independent researcher. Bachelor of Arts, Design and Education, Professor in Art and Design at the
INACAP Technological University of Chile, Digital Graphics by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC), Diploma in Aesthetics and Philosophy PUC, and Diploma of Art in Territorial Representation at the School of Architecture of the University of Santiago, Chile.
He has received numerous awards and two scholarships. Since 2003 he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, festivals and biennials in Chile and abroad.

Participant in –
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
video title: I am Deaf – “Jo sóc Sord / Yo soy Sordo”, 2020, 4:26
A tour of the different neighborhoods of Barcelona to draw the attention of a passer-by to a mask written “I am Deaf” in Catalan and Spanish together with his own cell phone camera.
As well as a safety sign for Deaf people; and impossible to hear through natural communication for the hearing people.
Thus, the complex, incommunicable, and repeatable situation to look for a solution to hearing accessibility on the health emergency. Therefore, the greatest need to attract routine life; however, it will be difficult to get the use of transparent masks in different public and essential places (hospitals, shops, pharmacies, bars, and others) to eradicate the existing barriers, since they are far from the imagination or the will to place special masks for the hearing people who facilitate Deaf people.
However, lack of empathy for all Deaf communities, not always in Spain, but also the rest of the world to face the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.