Yuriy Kruchak (Ukraine)


Yuriy Kruchak

participant in
VideoChannel – Ukrainian Video Art
curated by Yarina Butkovska (Lviv/Ukraine)

Born in 1973, Poltava, Ukraine. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. Finished Kharkiv art-industrial institute in 1996. Got trained in Nuremberg Academy of Art (1998) and Ukrainian National Academy of fine art and Architecture (1999).

Selected personal exhibitions: “О.Т.S.E” Opposite gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (1999); “Coca-cola and Sacred War” Studio gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (2004).

Selected croup exhibitions: “Come to our Space”, KOHLENHOF gallery, Nuremberg, Germany (1998); “Scaffold”, Arsenal gallery, Poznan, Poland (2001); “New York – New York…”, Central house of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine (2001); Festival «Cultural Hero», Kharkiv, Ukraine (2002); “Eurografik” Center of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia (2003); “Metropolitan express”, K-11 gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (2004); “Male miniature” Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2006); Festival «Sintezija», Vilnius, Lithuania (2007). “N / UODAI” Art Gallery of Siauliai University, Siauliai, Lithuania (2008).

Chosen prizes and rewards: winner of International Competition of contemporary art “Non Stop Media – II”, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2004); The best film of Baltic 2007 “NextFestival 007” Vilnius, Lithuania (2007); Winner of International Competition of Visual Art “EIDOS – 2006/07”, Kyiv, Ukraine; prize for the best poetry text, festival of audiovisual arts «TARP», Vilnius, Lithuania (2007)